Palms Springs Real Estate: Five Questions before You Work with Any Agent

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Choosing a Palm Springs Real Estate Agent is just like interviewing a contractor. You need to do your homework and make sure you get a good fit. You’re paying this person after all, and due diligence means taking care of details. Here’s where you need to start.

These five questions are just to get the ball rolling. Palm Springs sometimes seems like it’s absolutely typical of the entirety of Southern California – with no specifics. But understanding and mulling over those specifics is why you hire a licensed specialist. Let’s see if you can’t get to the bottom of this business.  

1)Who’s the Best in Your Neighborhood?

Palm Springs is a pretty big place, and folks live – not in Palm Springs – but in all those much smaller places that make it the crazy desert mosaic that we all love. Knowing your community is an important qualification. So is knowing what prices have been commanded in recent months. And importantly, how far off the list price has your prospective agent been selling?

2) What Does the Best Mean?

A good salesman is not only commanding the best price, but really doing the marketing that brings the sale to a close. A lot of agents will tell you to check the average difference between the listing and closing price. That’s good advice. Maybe obviously, you only need to average about the last year of sales and take a notice of how many sales are being averaged. Doing a little bit of homework online should let you know also exactly how many homes were sold in the neighborhood, or some other specific location, over the past year.

3) What Are You Expected to Pay?

This should go without saying, but sellers sometimes get nervous about the entire transaction. Get a handle on the exact percentage. Most agents are going to require 6%. If it’s higher or lower, you should find out exactly why. And since you’re the one paying the agent, some of that marketing should be intended for you – in the form straight, honest answers. Most agents are happy to give this to you. If they’re not, then you should start asking about the overall marketing plan for selling the home and finding a buyer too.  That brings us to the next and most important part…

4) What’s the Marketing Plan?

Again, this is marketing. That doesn’t mean you need to get a song and dance. Explaining the thing in full should be something the agent is accustomed to and expecting. Unless they’re sitting on a pile of anxious investors, it will probably be a combination of open-houses, advertisements and online listings. But it’s also the exact same form – answering questions as they’re asked – as what you’re doing during the interview. All of those listings are intended to provoke more questions – presumably from prospective buyers. Your agent should have a good understanding of both sides of the business.  

5) What’s the Contact Plan?

Of course, you’re going to want to know about any sales process as it begins. When and how is this agent going to contact you as the process proceeds? Nothing happens all at once, and it doesn’t happen without an active salesman doing the legwork. Again, that’s what you’re paying for. But get a good idea what your agent is planning to do with interested buyers and how involved you can be in the negotiation. How long is your home going to be on the market? Your agent should have a good idea. Obviously, it will depend on a lot of factors, but that’s exactly why you’re asking.