Palm Springs Property Management: 3 Tips for Renting In Desert Climates

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palm springs property managementRenting in desert areas, whether in Palm Springs, or the surrounding areas, or really anywhere in the desert south west of the US, has never been more in fashion. Many of these “sun-belt” areas have continued to see rapid population growth even in the face of overall population declines at the national level.

Whether you’re thinking of investing in residential properties, or you’re seeking a property manager to take over some of the day to day management responsibilities, these are some of the most important safety issues specific to our Palm Springs desert environment. While California is famous for regulating and supporting progressive environmental controls, not everyone is aware of some of the hows and whys of the regulations. It’s always important for property managers to do what they can to educate tenants and property owners about regulations, local restrictions and


  1. AC

Air conditioning and a good relationship with your HVAC technician are an absolute must in the greater Palm Springs area, whether you’re a homeowner or a property manager. Elderly tenants or tenants with kids will let you know when there’s a problem. But it’s far better to have a working relationship with someone maintaining and regularly servicing all of your AC units and HVAC systems.


As air conditioners get older, they can require more frequent service, and an inefficient machine or central HVAC system is going to quickly add costs and could even threaten the safety of elderly or infirm tenants. So it’s always best to have a plan from the outset, and a regular protocol for service, maintenance and repairs.


  1. Curtains

Lots of cooler climate homes will rent with no window coverings at all. In the desert, no matter the design of your building, it’s actually in any property manager’s interest to provide for curtains or blinds. Keeping interiors cool and dark is one of the most important ways to keep air conditioning running efficiently and minimally. And again, depending on your tenants, this can be a very important way to keep them safe, healthy and happy – even given the desert’s relatively harsh climate.


  1. Educate

Make sure your tenants have easy access to call for repairs or to report dangerous or malfunctioning equipment, heat or water pumps. The more information you can give them, the more likely they are to cooperate and to report problems earlier. If you can respond to their calls earlier, you’ll not only save money, but your tenants are more likely to stick around too.


While the greater Palm Springs area continues to grow, we’re always seeing an influx of new residents from non-desert areas. Nearly all of them come for the beauty and unique natural environment. But renters are often new – not only to the city – but also to the desert environment. Providing them with adequate information not only on the building and the unit, but also on the overall conditions, the local regulations on water use and conservation and on how to get the most out of their new home