Property Investment Spotlight: Rancho Mirage, California

rancho mirage, ca property investmentWhen people say Palm Springs, that’s very often what they’re talking about. Pity is, the greater Palm Springs area includes some property investment opportunities even more attractive than Palm Springs itself. Rancho Mirage is one such location. With a strong tourist economy and plenty of year round activities, it’s one of the toughest rental markets in the country. It’s still something of a bargain for homebuyers, especially when compared to other parts of California and even to Palm Springs. … Continue reading

Five Deal Makers or Breakers for Investing in the Coachella Valley Real Estate Market


palm springs real estatePalm Springs is corrected. The property market is strong and the market rental properties has never been better. It won’t always be this way and of course, there are always corrections to watch for. But Palm Springs and surrounding areas continue to outperform similar size communities all over California and the nation as a whole.


As the Baby Boomers continue to retire, they’re still going to be looking for their spot in the sun. And Palm Springs has a lot of sun and the retirement community has a long way to go before it’s done. … Continue reading

5 Ways Save Water in Your Palm Springs Rental Unit

Like all of California, Palm Springs is taking the drought seriously. Penalties for water waste are likely to skyrocket and could put a serious damper on potential investment returns, even this coming year. But Palm Springs and surrounding communities are doing their best, and doing their best for all the people in California currently facing crisis conditions even despite potentially higher costs.

These are five things you can and should do, as a landlord or property owner, to make sure water waste is minimized in your property and before things get any worse. … Continue reading

Palm Springs Property Management: 3 Tips for Renting In Desert Climates

palm springs property managementRenting in desert areas, whether in Palm Springs, or the surrounding areas, or really anywhere in the desert south west of the US, has never been more in fashion. Many of these “sun-belt” areas have continued to see rapid population growth even in the face of overall population declines at the national level.

Whether you’re thinking of investing in residential properties, or you’re seeking a property manager to take over some of the day to day management responsibilities, these are some of the most important safety issues specific to our Palm Springs desert environment. While California is famous for regulating and supporting progressive environmental controls, not everyone is aware of some of the hows and whys of the regulations. It’s always important for property managers to do what they can to educate tenants and property owners about regulations, local restrictions and … Continue reading

Palms Springs Real Estate: Five Questions before You Work with Any Agent

Choosing a Palm Springs Real Estate Agent is just like interviewing a contractor. You need to do your homework and make sure you get a good fit. You’re paying this person after all, and due diligence means taking care of details. Here’s where you need to start.

These five questions are just to get the ball rolling. Palm Springs sometimes seems like it’s absolutely typical of the entirety of Southern California – with no specifics. But understanding and mulling over those specifics is why you hire a licensed specialist. Let’s see if you can’t get to the bottom of this business.   … Continue reading

Property Management Should Make Investing Easier; How About Making It Possible?


Property management in Palm Springs or in the East Bay or anywhere in California is crucial if you’re planning on being more than just a landlord. The fact is, a property management company is the only way many investors can afford to hold onto the properties that keep them in the black.

Whether you’re investing Riverside County, or Alameda County – or anywhere else for that matter, understanding the essential role of your property manager is step one to owning and maintaining rental properties. In fact a good property manager can even advise you on which properties to buy and project nearly the exact returns you can expect from each.    … Continue reading

Your Top Three Reasons to Buy in Palm Springs


Palm Springs investment properties might seem, at first, like a fickle bunch. It’s a popular area for second and vacation homes, and with that, it can seem at first glance like it’s glutted with rental properties. But nothing could be further from the truth. Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert are all pristine investment areas with some of the strongest returns for those who take the time and look at the area carefully. 

Let’s look at why a Palm Springs investment property may just be the smartest money you ever spend. … Continue reading

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